Cool man, I dig the feel of it, but the mix is a little off. I can barely hear the vocals, and that lead guitar is overpowering everything else. Also, maybe mess with a click track to get the timing a little better in the beginning riff. All in all it has potential though and I think it could be a powerful song with a little more polishing. Thanks for your review of my song by the way man!!! \m/
Well, I went back to the DAW, and it turns out the lead guitar is the quieter than the rhythm guitar, drums and vocals. Speaking of vocals, it was kind of difficult to get them to a proper level, as they sounded mostly drowned out by the rest of the sound, especially because of their quieter nature, but I think this is definitely an improvement from some of my past work. I can usually keep pretty good rhythm just on my own, but yeah, the intro track was a little off with timing. Thanks for the comment!
Hey man,

The harmonies are cool and all but your mix/production is getting in the way of your composition. You should double track and pan the rhythm guitars outside a bit more to leave room for the vocals in the middle. Those are both mid-heavy EQ wise so if you put the guitars outside you will make it easier to hear the vocals. The timing was off in a few spots but you know that now so you can fix it. Once you have written the drums in midi it is good to record the guitar to the midi drums because it will get your rhythm guitar and bass guitar tight since you can make midi perfect in terms of timing.

Also, hi-hat is really loud relative to the rest of the kit.
Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: sounds pretty heavy, probably because it is supposed to be. Timing could be tighter at times, but then it would be "less psycho". I think you accomplished what you set out for, for the most part. Keep at it.....my wife says dinner is ready.........gotta go....
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Interesting song, there are a couple of things you could improve on. Probably the most important would be the timing, unless of course that is what you were going for, which is cool. You could also pan the rhythm guitar and double track. Besides that I think its got some pretty cool moments in it, with a little bit better quality it could be a pretty decent song. Nice job