Just found a guy in my local area selling a Cole Clark FL1A for $800. I'm going to go an try it out maybe in a week or so but I was just wondering does it matter that it doesnt have the cutaway? I originally had my eyes set on the AC which has a cutaway just because it's there if I need it but the AC models are just stretching out of my budget even used. This guy says he only bought this guitar 6 months ago and is in pretty much brand new condition (again, he's allowing me to come and inspect it).

So I'm not too sure if I need the cutaway, on the acoustic I will be doing acoustic versions of originals, some John Mayer, Kooks, Classic Rock tunes, Matt Corby, Jack Johnson you know just some normal acoustic shizzers. I'll also be making acoustic versions of other songs.

What's your opinion do I need the cutaway? It looks like I can get up to the 15th fret without the cut.

Also is there anything I should look out for when inspecting it?

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whether you can reach the 15th fret depends on your personal reach, but it's a great guitar and i hope you can. hopefully the guy will still have it in a week or two. it's a very good price - i'm a little suspicious, actually. check for cracks - especially the thing ones that run with the grain, as they're hard to spot. check to make sure there's enough saddle. my husband plays every single fret on the guitar when he buys used, but i admit that i don't do that. i check for cracks, warped neck, bulging belly, detached braces and signs the guitar has been dry (sharp fret edges, for example).
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I love the Fat Lady. Check it out, Plug it in if it has electric's. Try to be sure its not stolen. Get the original receipt. Have fun Cheers.
It's pretty hard for us to tell you whether or not you need a cutaway. It totally depends on your playing style and the songs you want to play.

That said, $800 is a decent price for that guitar. It's definitely worth checking out.