So I recently acquired a 1971 Maton V202 amp. This thing is pretty awesome but it can get kinda noisy and obviously needs new tubes. It has a 12AX7 and a pair of 6GW8s in it.
Now, where would I be able to buy a replacement set of tubes? I'm in Australia, too.
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6GW8 are called ECL86 in Europe look for these also.

A bit off-topic: what are those tubes doing in a guitar amp? Those were used in low-end radios and stuff like that.
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Thanks Cath! I was hoping for a reply from you!

Xander: I don't really know these weren't used in guitar amps as well. Their breakup isn't brilliant, though. But knew tubes may make it a little more edgier and not as smooth sounding. It sounds pretty good at lower volumes, though.
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There were a few aussie practice amps that used those tubes. My guess is that it was something that was locally made and cheap. There was tube manufacturing in australia but it wasn't huge so the selection would have been limited unless you wanted the expense of importing them. They did make some really nice tubes though. Aussie Phillips 12AX7's are great tubes.
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