I have Ibanez RG09 Pegasus with INF 3 (neck) and INF 4 (bridge). Guitar sounds quite ok, but I would like to achieve more crystal sound like Marco Sfogli, Michael Romeo or J.Petrucci. Which pickups would you suggest for that ?
What amp do you have? It has a lot to do with your amp. For example John Petrucci uses a Mesa Boogie amp that costs a couple of grands. You won't be able to achieve the same tone with a Line 6 Spider.
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Pickups are one of the last things you should upgrade to get a desired tone. A pickup change doesn't really provide a dramatic change in tone, even with a really high end tube amp (imo). As said above, the amp pretty much 'sets' the tone. Get the best tone possible using a good sounding amp and pedals and if you realise the INF pickups are lifeless or muddy then switch them out to something that will compliment your rig.

But to answer your question, get some active EMG pickups if you like crystal clear guitar sounds.
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I have Peavey 6505+ Head and Line 6 POD HD 500. I am connecting my POD directly to power amp (skip peavey preamp). I had EMP 81 and EMG 60 in second guitar, but didn't like it, I thought about something passive.
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I am connecting my POD directly to power amp (skip peavey preamp).

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I connect it to power amp basically at home (I cannot play loud). On stage i use my Peavey preamp ( 4 cables method ). What do you think about DiMarzio pickups ?
Don't need to crank the 6505 to get good tones :P Those 3 guitar players are all using different pickups and amps, so there won't be something that will nail them all. I'd probably look at d-activator/airnorton or crunchlab/liquifire combos.
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