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Mine is the Jazz III:

...and now I can't use anything else. What is everyone else using at the moment?
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I used to be strictly a Jazz III XL guy, but I've since discovered the Dunlop Ultex and I've switched to those almost exclusively in the past few months. After trying both, I think I like the Ultex Sharps a bit better that the standard tip Ultex, but I find both to be great picks!

For acoustic, which I really don't play a whole lot at this point, I've always preferred nylon picks, generally 1mm or .88.
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I'm currently using a jade pick based on a Stubby.
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Jim Dunlop USA Nylon, usually either .73mm or 1mm

Been using them as long as I can remember.
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The Sam Ash medium plectrum that was in the Burny I bought from Greg

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I've recently re-embraced celluloid after a few years of tortex. Now mostly Dunlop and Fender celluloid heavies.

Why is it nearly impossible to find a celluloid pick in a solid color other than black or white?
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Mine is the Jazz III:

...and now I can't use anything else. What is everyone else using at the moment?

Heard these are pretty good, luckily found one at school when a friend pointed it out, so time to test it out!
I've generally just used cheap picks, varying from 0.8-1.2 thickness. Preferred thickness is 1.0 though.
Jazz III XL. It's nice and big so it gives you something to almost lean on when bashing out riffs. Pretty much no flex so it's an effort using it, I like that. I tried the normal jazz III's but they were too small. I wish you could a jazz iii xl in ultex.
Tortex Jazz III or GTFO.

I don't like the other Jazz picks because they're too slippery. I have to keep repositioning them in my hand.
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Normal Jazz III's are too small. I like the XL's a lot.
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Or Jim Dunlop Stubbys, te purple ones.

I find the JP lets me position my thumb in the perfect spot for getting pinch harmonics, and the stubby is great for balls to the wall riffing.
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1mm tortex. When I actually bother playing. I also have some older standard nylon ones knocking about that I use on occasion.
Jazz III's or XLs all I use. I do however use random picks I find laying around.
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I prefer the Dunlop Yellow Tortex picks (.73mm) in the standard shape.
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I used to be a strict Jazz III guy but back in October, I tried Dunlop Sharps in 1.14 mm. No regrets so far.
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Quote by Emperor's Child
Mine is the Jazz III:

...and now I can't use anything else. What is everyone else using at the moment?

Same here, I've tried tonnes of other ones, still prefer the jazz III
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.88mm Dunlop Tortex

I've never tried the Jazz IIIs but apparently they're all the rage around here, I've just always liked the feel of the Tortex picks, mostly the material. I play a lot of fast rhythm stuff (I guess you could say August Burns Red style rhythm work) with a lot of alternate picking and string skipping and what have you so the Tortex picks have always been solid. That said, I've never really experimented. Maybe I'll like the Jazz IIIs more for that.
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.88mm Dunlop Tortex

Love them greenies. They used to be the only picks I'd use.
I use Fender Heavey at the moment, but then get worn out really fast.

I also use metal picks, but they destroy my strings.
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Petrucci Jazz IIIs.
How are the Petrucci ones compared to the originals?
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I have used Dunlop JAZZ III almost exclusively for 4 years now. I try something new now and then just for fun - it's been the green Tortex 0.88, Fender (celluloid) Heavy and others but none even come close.

Other picks wear down in a week, whereas the black Jazz III's I use still feel fresh after 6 months. I generally don't throw picks around and using a new pick every day is totally out of the question.
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I use pretty much anything that is close by but I prefer to buy Tortex .60mm the orange ones or Dunlop confetti celluloid thins.
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Moved from Jazz III XLs to these, the exact thickness and bright enough attack, me likes :

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I used to use Dunlop Jazz III's but I've switched to Dava Jazz III's.

Very good picks.
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I love the attack and feel of a Jazz III, but that tiny piece of plastic isn't enough for my beefy hands. If I can fin the XL's I might just switch to those though. Right now I use Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks. Thick enough for riffing, but still thin enough that soloing doesn't become difficult (to me anyway.)
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