I've been working on my singing a lot lately and I decided to try doing a vocal cover of a song by Periphery called "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY." If you've never heard it before, give it a listen, truly is an amazing song. I'm looking for some advice, especially from some singer brahs, on how I'm doing and how I can improve.

If you like how it sounds, subscribe! I plan on doing more to document my progress as a vocalist and as a sound engineer.

Sometimes your voice and the voice of Spencer really collide and you can't distinct which voice is of who. There are some decent instrumental tracks of MAKE TOTAL DESTROY, maybe put your vocal track on top on of those?

And I'm not a vocalist so I can't give you any decent tips but it looks like your 'breathing technique' is pretty good. But the clean break (reverse what's lost) you get out of key a few times. Maybe a little more focus because it looks like you're more working on your tone/sound than note there. But both are important ofcourse.