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Horsedick.MPEG - Like Suicide (Soundgarden)
2 13%
laid-to-waste - Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
4 25%
super_strat - Follow (Incubus)
10 63%
Voters: 16.
I voted for super strat. The little wing had a sweet vibe but the incubus cover sounded wicked.
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Yeah, I gotta say I thought Follow was far and away the best. The others were coo, especially little wing, but Follow wins.
THey were all good but that Incubus cover was basically perfect

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Best Guitar Performance On Youtube!
Not the best recording though, and when you were picking harder, like on those double stops, it might've sounded better with thicker strings (with the action a bit higher).
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nice work as usual, guys!
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