I know it's black metal, but it needs more bass. I'm guilty of that too a lot. Other than that, this song sounds great. I'm loving the droning vocals at like 1:37 The riff after that at 2:05 is totally killer! Is that inspired by 1349 by any chance? Really dig it, keep it up. Maybe change the band name to something you can pronounce though XD

I have a black metal song in my sig, please listen to that or the new death metal song I wrote today and C4C!

The band name is a proto-bulgarian symbol it pronounses "iue"..i know about the bass but i dont have one and i cant find a VST plugin to do the job so for now it remains with no bass at all .I have inspirations from alot band and 1349 is one of them but overall its just my style of writing

I listened to your song and its pretty catchy i like the guitar sound and the style reminds me a bit of Keep of Kallesin and immortal combined ...i see your bass is programmed can you share me the secret???I want to import gp5 bass line to some plugin but all sound like shit
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I have a cheap version of Pro Tools SE that came with a pre-amp I bought. It has some synthetic instruments, some of which sound really convincing, others are just cheesy as hell. The basses actually aren't bad, you can emulate a plectrum, finger picked bass, or fretless bass and they all fit depending on what you're doing. It also has room for three effects to help make it sound less programmed, I usually just throw distortion and maybe a little reverb on it and mix it in.

TBH though, If I didn't get the extra copy of Pro Tools, I would do it the other way and just get a bass. Go on craigslist, find a cheap used one for 75-100 dollars. If you're playing black metal, it will sound good coming through your guitar amp. Good luck!