so I recently purchased a PRS SE Santana and replaced the 245's with Santana III's. I love the tone of the Santana III's, very mellow, great mids and lows but with a classic rock level output...

However, I noticed that both the bridge and the neck produce approximately the same level output... which equates to almost exactly the same tone... bridge is a little higher, but only a tiny bit, and not any louder at all. The neck reads around 8.3 ohms and the bridge is only about 9.6...

The mid position with both pickups sounds fantastic, basically the same sound but louder... it's actually what I would have expected from the bridge alone...., so I am wondering if anybody could recommend a replacement for the Santana III bridge?? I am looking for roughly the same tonal properties, strong lows and mids with mellow highs, but a higher level of output... somewhere around the level of the 498T maybe?? The JB would probably be a little bit higher output than what I am lookign for.
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