Hey there UG,

My band Secondhand Habit has spent the past few months preparing a brand new EP. We worked in a studio that has a kit that was owned by Steven Adler that gave huge drums for our tracks! We even managed to score a mixer who worked on Rated R by QOTSA! Sadly our founding bassist Levi is leaving us in August to pursue a masters degree across the country. So this clearly meant that we needed to throw him the biggest farewell show he's ever seen. Much to my surprise when I was talking my sister into going to this year's Squamish music festival I noticed an ad on the side asking for artist submissions for a spot in the festival. With the tracks sent off for mastering we were all golden, then much to my dismay I noticed an email from our mastering engineer saying that the tracks we sent him had compression and that he needed uncompressed tracks to master them to his full ability. I got the mixer and the engineer in touch with each other where the mixer offered to send one track, our single "Wrong Way Street". Days went by without contact from the mastering engineer. We sat and waited, sending email after email. Finally on Wednesday we were getting ready to bail and get a last minute master of the single finished so we could make the Thursday deadline for the Squamish festival, then we got an email from the engineer apologizing and promising to get us the tracks that night. With a sigh of relief that we now didn't need to have our mixer or recording engineer master our tracks last minute, we could relax and practice for our show on Thursday night.
Thursday morning awaken to an epic band day!
Wake up, email with mastered track
Upload song, everything goes as planned
Load up for a show, late due to traffic but no one cares
Play an epic set, get it filmed for our music video
Go out for beers after, have awesome photo shoots around a small town
So with everything in order now all we need is for you to listen to our track and potentially vote for us to play the Squamish festival this year. This is the only official place you can hear our single "Wrong Way Street" so enjoy!!!

Chaos before EP release with contest deadlines, epic finish with concert

Wrong Way Street by Secondhand Habit off our upcoming EP Anaphylactic Rock
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