just curious to see if in ear moniters are worth the money, just started with a new band and we have only done a few gigs and ive always just stuck a pair of ear plugs in my ears gone with that but just asking for som opinions from people that have used them
yeah i know what you mean lol, i was having a look at the shure psm200 that was going to set me back around 750
If you cheap out they will be a nightmare. I wouldn't bother with them unless you are going to be using them a lot.

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I just bought a pair of the shure se215's at guitarcenter for regular everyday use and I love them. I havent used them, nor do i really plan to, in a live environment but I do use them so i can jam to stuff with my amp cranked and the reduction of noise is astounding. they sit perfectly in your ears and won't come out unless you want them to and the sound quality is great as well. and only $100
My band has a shure setup.... I'm not sure what model the transmitter is, but I believe that it cost the band about $800.

Personally, I think that it is a solid investment. You always have great monitoring, and the sound guy will love you

Our drummer also runs a click track through it so we can make sure we are always on time.
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