Been eyeing this axe for a few days, and everything seems on-point with it. Haven't heard too terribly much about the Tight-End R bridge system that Ibby threw on it, but have heard it's just a hardtail bridge designed to look like a double-locking trem.

Anybody have any insight into it? Good? Bad? I'm a huge fan of Ibanez, but I never use a tremolo so I thought it would be a great fit. With it being a Prestige, I have no question of the quality.


It would be coupled with my future 5150 III mini.
I think it's trying to emulate the feel of a double locking trem, moreso than just the look.

Saddle adjustment is really easy to get at. Love, love Ibanez for their innovative designs like that.
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never tried one. i know tom has said the newer ibanez prestiges aren't as good as the older ones, but I haven't tried any newer ones
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