The Japanese Schindler (WHAT??) and John Rabe!! This will BLOW your MIND!!

These are two articles that will BLOW your mind about people that you probably never heard of before.
I happened to come across info about this Japanese diplomat by accident, but it's a freakin amazing story! Everyone knows about Oskar Shindler who saved many Jewish people during WW2. But chances are you haven't heard about Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat working in Lithuania during WW2 who saved thousands of Jews. He's been called the Japanese Schindler. It's just a mind blowing story:

Despite the horrible things Japanese soldiers did during WW2 to civilians, at the same time that was going on, this great japanese man was doing righteous things.

Amazing part 2: John Rabe the Nazi
John Rabe was a Nazi in Nanking during the Rape of Nanking (1937). He saved tens of thousands of Chinese civililans from the incredible atrocities of the Japanese soliders (like cutting open pregnant women and sticking the fetuses on bayonets and parading them on the street, raping 1 year old babies and 80 year old women), mass rapes, and killing.

What's the most mind boggling thing is that he used the Nazi swastika symbol to SAVE LIVES!! The Japanese respected the swastika as Germany was their ally at the time, so in a bizarre twist, the swastika saved lives in the safety zone Rabe creted. OMG!! The irony!!! The swastika saved civilian lives!!

When John Rabe got back to Berlin, he sent a letter to Hitler to have him use his influence as leader of Germany to stop the killings by the Japanese. Unfortunately, the letter was intercepted by the Gestapo and Hitler never got the letter. But just think about it....if Hitler had gotten that letter, maybe Hitler could have done something GOOD by saving Chinese civilian lives, instead of being completely evil, but it didn't happen, he never got the letter.

Here's the article:

I found out recently that since the 70th anniversery of the Rape of Nanking, there's been a revival of interest in Japanese war crimes, and that's wonderful, because I hope that more people know about it, so that crap like that won't happen again.
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I didn't post anything before about the two guys above. I found out about both of them within the last couple of weeks. Just amazing stories, and they were both heroes....
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I didn't post anything before about the two guys above. I found out about both of them within the last couple of weeks. Just amazing stories, and they were both heroes....

your mind seems to be stuck 70 years in the past
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your mind seems to be stuck 70 years in the past

Well for me personally, that whole period was fascinating and was pivotal in the shaping of the world today. And there was never really a case of two truly evil empires that had to be brought down--the Japanese empire and the Nazi empire.

My favorite DVDs I have are the Band of Brothers HBO series about the 101st airborne from Normandy to the capture of Hitler's Eagles nest, The Pacific about the US marines during WW2, etc. so that kind of tells you a bit...

But more importantly, I think it's important that people know about these events (and the two people above that not many people know about). I am writing a message to my U.S. congressmen to try to get a measure approved appologizing to the Chinese people, for supposed war hero General Douglas McCarthur's behavior in not pursuing Japanese war criminals because he wanted to glean info about japanese scientists biological weapons tests on the Chinese, and horrible medical tests on live human subjects.
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Well, did you actually read the link to Chiune Sugihara I have in the first post? He was literally responsible for saving over 6,000 Jews. Without him, they would all be dead.

And then there's the story of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, composed of all Japanese Americans (and one Korean American), who fought the Germans during WW2--they earned 21 Medals of Honor, which is just incredible when you consider that they were only a regiment sized unit. The U.S. doesn't just give out Medals of Honor to just anyone, it requires amazing courage/deeds to earn it.

There sure as hell were a lot of bad japanese in WW2, especially in the imperial Japanese army, but there were some good ones too...
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I once wrote a song about Sugihara. he is certainly a good man.

Hey let's hear the song.

Post a link to it.