I'm a sucker for that tracking shot of
you from me to the bathroom mirror,
I'm a victim of the headaches I
get everytime I go to see 'er,
I'm an addict to figuring out
just exactly how near I'll let you get.
I'm not making any promises, babe,
but I might be taking bets.

I'm divided to thinking I've got
to either just say or go,
I'm dumb enough to wonder what
anyone would ever miss me for,
I'm a lotta time spent just trying
to figure out how far I'll let myself get.
Keeping company with all the people
standing on rock botom I've met.

I'm a bunch of wasted time in
coversations in side street bars,
I'm a bit too good top pass up
for girls who like tatoos and guitars
I'm wondering just how far I'm going
to let this fling get,
I'm not making any promises, babe,
but I sure am taking bets.

And you could pick yourself up if you
didn't cut your bootstraps free,
but barefoot living never took anyone
anywhere they really wanted to be.
I'll pretend to listen to yours plans
as we lay lit and lazy on my bed,
In this life we've made, we're old sleeves frayed
and I'm pulling at the thread.
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I found your rhymes to be uplifting and lively. I found myself tripping up a little with some of the lines, but overall this was really enjoyable. I particularly loved the 'bootstraps' and 'barefoot' combination, and that whole final stanza was sublime. It made me feel... good. Thanks, man.