Hello, I am selling my DigiTech Jamman Looper and Phrase-Sampler Pedal and my ISP decimator G-String noise reduction pedal. Both in great condition and both hardly used.

ISP decimator G-String (might have the original box) $125

Jamman with 128 compact flash card. $170

I also live in St. Louis mo if you're close by.

I would be interested in trading for a boss 505 sampler or I am also looking for 2 mxr 10 band eq pedals and possibly an mxr micro amp but not sure about that one. Not really looking for any other trades. I would be willing to trade and use cash to make up the difference. Let me know if you're interested. My personal email is Steve.g.summers at gmail for faster contact. Selling to buy what I listed in the trades. I can also provide pics but I am posting this at work. I work overnights in central time zone.