Hi all,

Putting together a SRV/Hendrix style guitar with LH bridge, LH neck, Lace Alumitone pickups. Have not decided on a Deathbucker or reverse angle single-coil bridge yet.

Question on string width, the nut, and bridge radius. I would prefer a narrow string relationship of 2 and 1/16 on my neck but am unable to find the narrower style on a left-handed gold SRV style bridge.

Alas the end of the question: Reguardless of a 2 and 1/16 or 2 and 7/32 string spacing at the bridge, on a 9.5 radius neck---- Am I going to be able to make a left-handed headstock work when I cut the nut for a right-handed stringing.

???Do I need to take any special measurement into account for the width of the strings at the nut based on the final bridge size? What should the final spread of the strings at the nut be?
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