Guitars are a bit too loud...maybe up the bass (if any) and drums a bit? But that's just my opinion. Not my cup of tea as far as genre, but otherwise, this is pretty legit quality and performance wise.

Crit mine?
Thanks guys. I mix on a pretty bass heavy system so it seemed boomy to me, but maybe on other systems it's too low. I've purposely mixed the bass to sit in with the guitars and add the bottom end to the mix, not really stand out on it's own. I'll tweak the bass and bring the drums up slightly

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Production is my Achilles Heel, this is way better sounding than any of my stuff, but I agree the drums could be louder. Good job overall \m/

Take a listen to my song. It's a but more rough though

Sounds good man you have a good base tone not too much gain, no harsh frequencies. Did you double or quad track this? I always quad track my guitars to get that big fat wall of sound I think that would be a huge benefit to your tracks.
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