hey everyone! so I had this problem with the guitar pick for a while...
I play a classic guitar and I am a beginner. Whenever I'm using the pick it doesn't sound very good. I tried to hold it in a bunch of ways but it doesn't sound like people I hear on youtube or like it should be. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me thanks!
May need some more info, have you tried other thickness picks? I personally can't stand a ultra light pick, ok for strumming but for useless for anything else, I like my picks sturdy but not jazz bass thickness. Do you know what gauge your pick is? You said classic guitar, is it Nylon or Steel string?

Edit: Also, are ya sure the people in the youtube videos aren't fingerpicking? Alot of classical compositions call for it.
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I tried some picks but the best one I have is a nylon .67 mm. What pick do you use? Maybe a thicker one would help me? I'm sorry I wasn't very specific. The sound that I get when I play with the pick is not clean and when I record songs all I can hear is the sound of the pick and barely the guitar itself. The strings are half nylon and half steel, the first three are steel and the last one's are nylon. Thank you very much for your help
I use at least a 1mm for better attack. Do you get better sound while say fingerpicking? If you only notice it when listening to playback from a recording it may just be mic placement. If it sounds bad just jamming around it may be technique related. I don't like flimsy picks for single note runs they just kinda flop around to me. For strumming chords they're ok I guess, I can still get a decent sound it's more of a feel thing for me though.
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