Hi everyone, today I decided to record the first original song I have written with vocals (I've written loads, just none with lyrics).

Please take a listen and tell me what you think, particularly on the singing, it sounds okay to me depending on what mood I'm in so someone else's opinion would be great!

Thank you

Well, you sure can sing better than me. Sounds like you did a great job. Really nice song too. Only complaint is I've heard the lyrics a thousand times over :P But it sounds pretty professional.
Nothing wrong with your singing. It sounded pretty good. I just didn't really like the song, it was a bit boring. I think it sounded a bit too repetitive and it didn't really progress. Maybe it sounded too generic or something, I don't know. Just not my style. But as I said, the vocals sounded pretty good - though they could have had a bit more "attitude" in some parts of the song. I mean, it sounded like you were a bit bored. But maybe it was part of the song? Maybe a more enthusiastic singing wouldn't have fit it.

Yeah, not really my style of music. It just wasn't my cup of tea. But nothing wrong with it, you can't please everybody. Maybe make it sound more dynamic or something.

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I listened to the song another time. It didn't sound bad but nothing special. As I said, it was a bit "usual" sounding song. Nothing I haven't heard before.
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