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So we've moved on? I just got done posting a half page on your last must have decision.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I just found out that the Ibanez have an agathis back and sides and the Tak with mahogany.
while mahogany is a well-liked acoustic guitar tonewood, and agathis isn't used for acoustics - just electrics - it doesn't matter if they're both laminate guitars. if they are laminate b&s, that means a thin sheet of mahogany or agathis over a piece or layers of an entirely other wood.

your best bet would be to try them in person if possible.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
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Which is better? I'm deciding which one to get, both have spruce top.
It didn't occur to you too tack this question into the original thread?

It's really starting to look like you should go for the Tak, but you still have to listen.

The wood a laminated guitar is made of will still color the sound. However the degree to which that happens, will be much diminished from what the effect would be in a solid wood guitar. Mahogany is the acknowledged better tone wood. And then the disclaimer, it needs to be good mahogany, and all solid to give of its best. Agathis is new to the "tone wood scene", but is really being used because it's cheap and available. It's allegedly very bright, and "Italia" guitars makes an electric 12 string out of it. This instrument gives off a great deal of "jangle", and the sound is very penetrating.

With that said it's a semi-hollow electric 12 string, and has little to no bearing on this discussion, other than to say that agathis is fairly bright,

I've already told you I don't care for the Ibanez AEG bodies. With that said, that doesn't mean you have to agree with me.

That said, the Tak is a dreadnought, and those bodies trend toward big bass sound, but in some cases it is a bit loose.

You'll likely find the best bottom end on the Ibanez Jumbo, all other laminations being equal. (If that's your thing).

As I said before, you're shopping in a price range in which all of these instruments will have negative aspects. You need to pick the one that pisses you off the least.

The best sound will need to be teased out of any of these guitars with a lot of trial and error in the string department. Probably more so than with an expensive solid wood instrument. Because of lack of natural resonance, laminated guitars need to have their strings changed more often. (IMHO) And an amp, don't forget what I said about an amp.
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