How do you get prepared for the right takes vocals/guitar ? and How do you know whats the "right" take?
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How do you get prepared for the right takes vocals/guitar ?

You practice until you get it right every time.

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and How do you know whats the "right" take?

It's the one that sounds good. On beat, on pitch, and with the right feel.
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How do you know whats the "right" take?

How is this even a question... If you can't tell if it's a good take, maybe you shouldn't be in the studio. Just keep practicing.
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Practice until you get it right everytime and until it sounds exactly like you want it too.

Then record some tracks, choose what sounds best and record some tracks trying to make 'em sound like the one you liked most.
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Well the right tracks are on key, in beat, etc.

I would record a few tracks (make sure position of person is the same (out a line for the persons toes) record two or three takes. Listen too all and if the singer is good enough piece together one take out of those three.

I have had people come in before record a song then go back and do a part line by line we weren't happy with.

As for guitar heck you can record it by riff and loop and cut if you have too. I was in a band and we improved/wrote songs as we recorded. So we would record like 4 measures of a riff. Then do a few more different riffs. Then do like keyboard or something and then pick which ever guitar part worked best pick that and loop it. Some people call this cheating but it was the way that work best for us since we would always have more ideas than song needed.
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Basically for me, it comes down to "Is this take going to be a pain in the ass to make sound good with the rest of the track?". I never expect to have a "Perfect Take" where I can just put it in the mix and call it good. Hell, there are a few guitar tracks I've recorded where, instead of going back and redoing some notes not held out long enough or a sour note, I spent 30 seconds editing them and you wouldn't know.

Always record everything, even if its a practice take. There is nothing worse than having an amazing track and not getting it. Its not like you're wasting tape
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