Hey guys,

I'm looking at changing my strings on my RR5 (as they're nasty and old) and was hoping someone could give a bit of advice/ experience with different string brands and gauges.

On my omen-6 I've got EB Skinny tops/ Heavy bottoms. Now I like the .010 E string gauge I've go so I don't want to go away from that but the .052 low E string is a bit too thick so I was looking at a standard .010 - .046 set. I've been recommended to go for GHS Boomers 10s but then read online that they don't last long. I've heard good things about Dr and Elixirs. Any comments on these would be great.

I'm looking at keeping my guitar in standard E tuning so would 10 - 46 be a good choice?
Just buy some and try them, they're like $5 a packet.
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I always seem to go back to D'Addarios. Try the EXL110, they're their 10 - 46 set.
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Just buy some and try them, they're like $5 a packet.

This is what I usually do if someone recommends a certain brand. But I use Regular Slinky on my Laguna Strat knockoff
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i play the dunlop heavy cores right now and they are great and last quite a while. elixirs are a bit too expensive (there electrics anyways, i use their acoustics because i dont need to change them as often) I'm an every day kind of player (just as a hobby, no gigging) and i'll get roughly a month out of them if i really try and stretch it. if you want better longevity try the ernie ball cobalts (i didnt really care for the feel of them) or, some of my favorites, the ernie ball titaniums