I've never really been great with any of tone parts of guitar and I've never been able to really figure out how to get a good tone, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on making tones or tell me some of your own tone settings. I'm trying to get a good metalcore tone (One for leads and one for rhythms), more towards the tones of bands like August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, and As I Lay Dying Thanks in advance! :P
There's only one way - sell the Spider and buy a real amp.
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Every answer on here is going to tell you to get a new amp. Spiders are poor excuses for modeling amps, just about every other modeler does it better.
Crank the mids, chill out with the highs, lows and gain. Hope for the best.
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It is what it is. People will question my sanity but I have heard respectable metal tones come out of a Spider amp. I don't know the ins and outs of it but it is possible. By the same token I've heard people make their mesa dual recs, 5150s and engls sound terrible too. People often overlook the user when dealing with gear...
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Crank the mids, chill out with the highs, lows and gain. Hope for the best.


That's what I do with mine and its decent enough for practice.

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Don't use the modulation effects they are truely awful.
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