Hello All,

I haven't been on these forums for a long time as I haven't been playing music for a long time. I've recently recorded this original song called Moonlight. Please give me your technical (or non-technical critique on this song)! I need to perfect this as much as possible and to do so I need input from people who have a deep knowledge and feel for music like the people on this forum!


I will critique your songs if you add a link.

Hey there cool song man! Not really my genre but I can appreciate a good song when I hear one The vocals probably could come up a bit more, what kind of mastering/production do you use on this? The drums seem to be lacking presence to me, I think they could use a bit of a boost in the high/upper mids range. Your vocals are very good!
It's good! I would turn up the vocals a hair and do a lot of work with that kick drum (I can barely hear it and what I can hear doesn't sound so hot). But the rest is quite good man.


very indie rock feel, the vocals are REALLY low, the verse sounds a bit like something elliot smith would do, overall its a great vibe, the chorus sounds kinda like green day, I enjoyed it, the drums are quite tame and dont really have a huge impact but I enjoyed it, thanks for the crit