im going to buy either a duncan sh-5 (custom) or sh-14 (custom V) for my epi les paul studio deluxe. Which one would be best? My amp is a line 6 pod hd into a tech 21 power engine 60 i play mostly metal stuff but also want to be able to do lower gain. i play muse, SOAD and RATM mostly. please help im going to buy it right now
also i want one that has more character and treble as the stock pickups sound dull and lifeless to me and also muddy.
Personally I'm a fan of Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invaders. They are more mids than treble but they are great for metal. The cleans are ok but could be better.

Could try a Duncan JB I think they are more on the treble side of tone.
Invaders have a more notable bass than anything else. The JB has a strong spike in the upper mids, not quite treble. Not sure how well these would work with an LP though. For drop tunings you'll want something that is quite tight. This will avoid muddiness between lower notes.
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Neither. I tried a JB and wasn't impressed at all. All of the Seymour Duncans I've tried turned to mud under gain. Di Marzios seemed better but there's nothing like Bare Knuckle. More expensive but on a different planet in terms of quality.
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If you drop tune a lot dimarzio D sonic is great, Dimarzio X2N are full of life but you need to try one before buying it as it is not like nothing else. Also +1 for barnuckles, expensive but amazing, you'll get what you pay for
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I would go SH-14 out of those two.
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