Alright So I've been stuck with this old RG model Ibanez and a 30 watt Vox amp for about 4 years. I think it's time for an upgrade. I listen to a lot of metal and Djent and am starting to love that nasty yet tight sound that all these bands like periphery, Intervals, Aviations, and Polyphia have. I want to know the cheapest way to go to get this kind of sound, I am aware that most of these bands use Axe FX to simulate their amps. But If I were to just buy a combo amp and a new guitar, what would be the best route?

Thanks in advance. :p
An Ibanez RG ought to be able to do it, so I wouldn't worry about a new guitar. Everyone has personal preferences for pickups, but I don't see any reason why stock pickups wont get you an approximation of the sound you want

It's not what you asked about, but I would suggest looking to getting a noise gate to clean up staccato or spaces in playing, as well as an overdrive pedal to use as a boost and add more attack to your sound. Into an amplifier with a decent distorted tone, those are pretty much the two biggest parts of that sound, other than tight playing.

I wouldn't know what exactly to suggest in terms of an amplifier without knowing your budget, and everyone will have a different recommendation anyway. Go to a store, take your guitar and try a few amplifiers out, preferabley with the two types of pedal I mentioned above.

Don't expect the sound to be perfect whatever you do. The guitar tone that style is often very heavily processed and doesn't lend itself nicely to the average 'guitar > a few pedals > amplifier' set up, mostly because it's a tone that relies very heavily on how it sits in a mix.
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Which model is the Ibanez RG? Do you want to move to a 7 string/baritone? As Carl said, stuff like budget would be useful but a 5150 is always a good place to start.
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