Hey, first time poster here So I've been thinking about making my own guitar (can't decide between an Explorer or Flying V) and was wondering something. When making the neck, does it have to have a specific scale length, or does it not matter if I make the scale length either 24.75" or 25.5"? One other thing, has anyone ever used guitarbuildingtemplates.com and been happy with it?

Thanks in advance
use whatever is most comfortable to you.
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i recently build a flying V 24.75", and it if really confortable, it is my fist home made guitar and i think this is one of the most simply bodi desings, for the body just cut the base template and the cavities and its done. other bodies need more work. so i recomend you to go with the flying V. if you need full scale plans of it send me a mesage and ill send them to you by email.
Scale length is definitely a matter of personal preference, however all of the parts & spacing on ur guitar MUST match the scale length u choose or ur intonation will be all out of whack & ur guitar will sound horribly out of tune. That's why u don't want to put a 24.75" neck on a 25.50" scale body, etc...
that's totally true, the presission is critical when you are placing the frets, nut and bridge. i spend like a week to figure out a milimetric mistake i had in the fretboard. chords didnt sound right, and tuning the guitar was a nightmare. finally i see it, just the nut in the wrong place, a litle bit further from the bridge. cut the fretboard to place the nut and now it works perfectly...
If this is your first guitar build I strongly suggest that you buy a bolt on or set neck instead of building it yourself. Building a neck requires hundreds of dollars worth of special tools, a learning curve, patience. Please don't bog yourself down with this challenge.
You will have enough to learn with your first guitar as it is. Learn setup, soldering, finishing, etc. on your first, "practice" guitar, then spend bucks on better parts for your second build. Do you expect to do a perfect job the first time?
Building a guitar right is quite a challenge, don't make your goal unattainable. Good luck.
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Guitbuilder - while I agree with the idea of buying a neck for your first build, what tools do you need that you would NOT need to build the body?
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Buy a body that is compatable with the neck. Same idea. Unless you have the tools, workshop, skills required to build a body, buy one. I think anyone's first guitar build should be as attainable as possible. There is plenty to learn, screw up, get frustrated with, re do, with a simple build. The easier you make it, the better your chances are for sucess.
Maybe buy a kit guitar that already has compatable parts, or a project guitar from Ebay that needs to be brought back from the dead, or piece together a guitar from parts.
One of my first builds was an electric, six string, one pickup cigar box guitar. From it I learned electronics, soldering, setup, etc, but didn't spend alot on parts. It was donated to a charity auction and went for over $500.00.
All first builds require self education, minimal tools, workspace, patience, practice, comitment, dicipline, money and time.
If you want to know what it takes to build a guitar, wander through www.stewmac.com, and see the tools, parts, books, DVD's, etc that are available there.
Baby steps. Get your feet wet on a simple build before trying a three pickup one with expensive parts. Good luck.
i think it is a matter of what you want to do, if you want to build a guitar or assamble a DIY kit or guitar parts that you buy allready shaped and finished. of course it is easier to buy and glue and its done, but building it yourself, from shaping the body, the neck, placing frets, bridge, mics and nut and give it the finish you want, i think is more fun and you'll learn a lot of stuffs and details about guitar construction. just be patience and make a good research and you'll build an awesome guitar that you'll love because you made it.