Hello, friends. I know I have never been around and I'm sorry, but I don't have much choice but to ask for help... This is a very important song to me and I'm terrible trying to pick tunes by ear.

UG won't let me post the link, but search for 大貫妙子 若き日の望楼 on Youtube and it is the very first video... (Taeko Onuki, Amour Levant)

It means much to me and I wouldn't be able to thank enough if someone could help me trying to figure out the chords. I don't need diagrams, tabs or whatever - I just need the chords, if possible. All I could figure out is that it is in C/Cmaj7. Please... If anyone can help me, it would be of imense importance to me!
I am very sorry once again and hopefully someone will be able to help me... Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

It reminds me of someone dear to my heart who isn't among us anymore... I wish I could play it to her somehow. Thanks.
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Hello, Steven, and thanks for your reply.

I copied and pasted the artist and title in its original language, Japanese... Sorry if for some reason it didn't appear... There's also a french version, which is the one I mentioned afterwards, Amour Levant. The artist is Taeko Onuki (or Ohnuki, depending on the ocidental system). I wish I could link the video, but it seems that it's not permitted. Nevertheless, if one could help me with the french version it would be great the same way since the chords are the same...

I can't mention the original without pasting the original Japanese title because there is no video on YouTube with the title translated, besides the french version (Amour Levant, as mentioned). Its original title is Wakakihi no Bourou.

I figured out a few of the chords, but another opinion/help would be great as it means so much to me, I would like to play it with no mistakes...

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