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I recently bought a B.C.Rich Stealth and the action on the guitar is high and quite stiff becaue of the wrap-around bridge. It won't go lower at the stud screws (whatever they're called). I looked around the web, and by comparing specs, I found that the Wraparound is taller than another similar type of bridge, the Schaller 455.

The photos from the Stealth gallery show the bridge quite well:

The bridge looks very similar to this one:

The Schaller 455 bridge has the same stud spacing:

What brings me in doubt is that it seems the Schaller studs and the stud sockets in the stealth are somewhat different dimensions. If you look at the technical drawings you can see a difference in the thickness of the stud windings, so from the looks of it, the schaller studs will not fit in the stud holes in the stealth. Is this assumption true, or are there strict standards that ensure compatibility?

An alternative would be to take the old studs out of the guitar, and put in the ones coming with the Schaller. But again, the stud sockets already in the guitar have a diameter of 11.94mm, and the Schaller ones have a diameter of 11.28.
Is this a no-go? is it possible to swap studs in a guitar, and will half a millimeter of "free space" in the socket for the stud socket be an issue?

I was wondering if any of you had the same problem with this kind of bridge, and would be grateful for any advice and suggestions for a suitable replacement bridge.

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Haha the first thing that came to mind when I saw you were going for a schaller bridge is that I wanted to tell you to look out for the stud and bushings dimensions

But I don't think there is a any standards in stud dimensions. I found it way to hard to look for a bridge I liked and have it with the same studs, thread and studspacing as my current. So I just went with a schaller and put in the new bushings (well not yet, still working on that guitar ). I had to fill the holes with a dowel however. But my difference in size was quite significant (the old bushing came at around 12mm and the schaller bushings are 7mm).

I think the gap will be to big to ensure the best energie transfer from the strings to the body. You should fill it somehow...
Or with a dowel and redrill the holes, or maybe with some epoxy to fill up the gaps. I'm not sure on that one...
You just gave me the word I was looking for: bushings

It enabled med to find a useful video on how to remove the old ones:

And with regards to your chosen method of overcoming different bushing sizes, drilling the holes to a bigger size and using dowels seems to be preferable to using superglue. At least that's what the responses on some similar threads were:



I will strongly consider this option, thanks a lot for the quick reply!