hey guys:

for example: there's two tracks in reaper: the backing track and my guitar, and while I'm recording I messed up, I delete the part where I messed up, can I go back a few seconds start recording to continue the part where I made mistakes?
because I think if I recorded over something(the few seconds back) it will be deleted, it's hard to explain actually, If you understood what I meant, can you help please?
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Create an ohter track (let's call it track 2, the part with your guitar is track 1), play the part you want.
Cut the "wrong part" on track 1, delete it, and then, drag the part you've just played on track 2 to track 1. Et voila !

Or, just play an other take !
Yeah, I'd just make another track.
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I just drag the old track backwards "in time," record again, then move it back to where it's supposed to be.
Recording in Reaper is non-destructive. Simply record on the same track and you'll be left with two items on the same track. Where they overlap they'll be split into 'takes.' Whichever take is highlighted (you can highlight the take by clicking on it) is the one which will play back. You can then edit the items like you normally would in Reaper (for example, you might want to extend the item before the overlap to cover any silence before you started playing on your second take.

TLDR: Recording over a track will not delete it.
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