For the last month or so I have been teaching myself to play guitar and I can play the basic chords fluently now, and know the shapes of a few barre chords, but I was wondering some songs I could learn to play that would help me with fluency and being able to make smooth transitions between the barre chords. Preferably something I could sing along to also please.

Thanks in advance
I actually took some time to find something i thought might be appropriate which i usually wouldn't do to be honest. Seeing as you've been playing only a month i tried to find something with a common barre chord and not some abstract chord you will hardly see or use.
I've been playing 4 years and i still suck at barre chords. It's probably everyone's biggest problem when it comes to playing acoustic - Barre chord changes.

Anyways, i thought this would be a good song..


Simple chords and i imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to sing along to as well (i don't sing so i wouldn't know)

Here's the best tab i could find


It's played with a capo on the first so if you don't have a capo well that sucks and i highly highly recommend you get one if you plan on playing a lot more acoustic and especially if you plan on singing.
As i said I'm not a singer BUT seeing as the capo changes the pitch of your guitar, it can cater to what type of voice you have.. For instance if you're trying to sing a song but it's too low a pitch for you, you can always play the same chords, but put the capo up a fret or two and therefore you'd be able to sing the song up a semitone or two higher. It's a good tool for making songs your own style and it gives you a lot of variety in your playing.
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Order this book.
It's helped me more than anything else when it comes to barre chords.
Each lesson has a few songs to play that get progressively more challenging.
For example, you start off playing Stray Cat Strut on 6th string barres, next chapter on 5th, next chapter, the same song but switching between 5th and 6th.
I'm currently towards the end of the book trying to master Clapton's Layla.

The book is well worth the money.
The Kinks have two songs: You Really Got Me and All Day And All Of the Night
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) has got Barre and open chords, might be worth a gander?