Hi everyone!

I have a problem with recording.
I have installed amplitube3 and sonarx1. When i started amplitube alone, than everything works, but when in sonar open the amplitube (like vstplugin), there is no voice, with cubase is the same problem.
Can you help me? What is the problem? I have win7 64b. Intalled asio...
One more thing.
In Cubase when i open amplitube, there is no voice, but when I enable the recordings, and play something, and when I playback this recording, the voice is with distortion, what i have set in amplitube. So the problem is when i play, in that moment is no voice.
Quote by FireHawk
I am not super familiar with cubase interface but it appears you don't have the monitor on.

Oh thanks man, now it works fine.