I was wondering what people thought of the Boss ME-70 multi effects pedal.

Basically at the moment I play in my bedroom and occasionally jam at mid volumes with a friend. I play mostly covers of most genres other than country and like to have a tone similar to some of the songs. I do realise that buying a good tube amp and a bunch of pedals would get me there but I have no aspirations of being in the next big band or playing gigs etc. I just enjoy playing has a hobby.

Would the Boss Me-70 be able to give me a decent chance of getting a bedroom quality version of alot of artists tones? Im not expecting spot on accurate tones, Im just looking for something close enough to get me playing along.

Just want to add the pedal is on sale for £199 a 15 min drive from where I live.
I had one for years... loved it. Great effects unit and clean tone platform. I emphasize clean as with all cosm modellers the distorted tones were just so so. You should be able to get some artists tones out of it, but if you like heavy distortion, try and find a line 6 floor board instead.