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windows movie maker > all

No joke, WMM has saved us multiple times. It's excellent at re-formatting videos to a common codec.
Tell me how to youtube
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When I was into video editing a few years ago, WMM used to be half it is today.

Obviously software like AEE and SVP are better, but some people aren't comfortable cracking it.
I got to try my hand at video editing whilst at uni. I used both Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. I felt Avid was much more intuitive, but they both basically amounted to the same thing. Similar to DAW's in that regard, really.
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Aye. Had to use Final Cut Pro a little for my AS Media project on a MAC. ****ing horrible experience.
Alright well I've recently gotten into Premier Pro. I'm not much of a video editor (in terms of gluing the video together and making a nice sense out of it) as I am a post production guy. Not big at it though but most of the stuff I do or try to learn is to do with After Effects. Now with Premier Pro I feel really comfy. More than with Sony Vegas that I've tried a few times

Anyone wanna post a video?