Hello everybody, this is my first post in years! May I present my all guitars cover of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Main Title theme (later re-used as The Next Generation theme), originally composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Multiple guitar parts were layered to simulate the full orchestra. Thanks for listening!

(updated link)http://youtu.be/0tVkA8XdARg
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This made me so happy to hear.

You are amazing. Good job!
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@Onemetalhead. I'm not sure what you mean, it's a march, so it's not supposed to be 'smooth'. I lined it up with the original recording used in the movie (crappy version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iXK5i7aSq4). Which parts aren't accurate?

The lead guitar's tone is produced with Marshall Jackhammer and Boss Super Overdrive with a Fender Jaguar Special. It's also layered with my acoustic-electric, which is also used for all the rhythm parts.
Even a March Needs to be played Cleanly, Accurately, and without finger drags, & occasional fret buzz.

Phrases were disjointed, and almost sloppy, I heard finger drags across the strings from the acoustic, Fret buzz on the Acoustic, The opening chords were disjointed and almost out of time. I didn't recognize the piece until the main theme kicked it.

I believe that is what he meant by "smooth."

There was an Excellent "Guitar Orchestra" version of the Star Wars Imperial March put up on this board a couple of months ago.

Google it and check it out, the playing on that version is killer.
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Yeah, I do have some fret buzz going on, need to get it set up again. However, the opening chords are from The Motion Picture (the original) arrangement of the song. Listen to the link, this isn't the TNG version, which is probably why you didn't recognize it until the main theme kicked in.

Thanks for the feedback.