There are thousands of tabs labeled "ukulele" which are just rehashed clones of tabs that have been submitted as guitar tabs. Just have a look at the example here:

It is plain to see that this is NOT a ukulele tab even though it is tagged as such:
- This tab features a tablature for guitar which does not make any sense in the ukulele context.
- There are many chords that cannot be played on a ukulele (especially split chords)
- The tuning is labeled "half step down" which cannot be applied to ukulele either.
- The suggestions and help for the chords used are for guitars only.

To call these tabs a "ukulele" tab is a joke and actually tarnishes the reputation that this site has among players of stringed instruments. No ukulele player will learn anything from these tabs and after having looked at some of them, they will NEVER visit this site again. So the site might get some additional traffic after introducing the ukulele option, but the damage caused by offering bad ukulele tabs will be huge and lasting.

UG must take these ukulele clones off the site! If you want real and good ukulele tabs, let ukulele players add their own tabs to UG.
Quote by maguri
UG must take these ukulele clones off the site! If you want real and good ukulele tabs, let ukulele players add their own tabs to UG.

This, a million times over.
I don't think something like that is really in their control. It's not like they can stop someone from submitting their (or in this case, someone else's) tab. Besides, it's really nothing new. This has been happening even on something like guitar pro, where people will just steal the text tab of someone else's work. Again, not much can be done about it.

But what they can do is bump up their approval system in the TPA page specifically for ukelele tabs. Users should also try to notice when this happens when visiting the TPA page so they can vote to deny it, which I'll keep an eye out every here and there myself from now on. The mods should definitely take note on this.

As for removing them, well, that one I imagine is a bit more tricky. There's not much you can do except for maybe making a list of the bad ones you find like that and post them here so they can maybe remove them. Obviously, they aren't going to know every bad ukelele tab, but at least it's a start.
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^ maguri isn't talking about users stealing tabs. UG duplicated every guitar chord tab, re-labeled them "ukulele", and changed the uke chords accordingly... but some chords don't translate from guitar to uke. However, because they were also created from guitar chord tabs, there are tons of uke tabs with guitar chord charts on them.

Which, as a GP tabber, this move by UG doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
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Oh, I didn't realize it was UG's own doing. I just assumed it was some person's doing. They hadn't done anything like that before except for tab pro. Either way, that is pretty messed up.
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i tag my transcriptions with my username and saw that they were all intact on the ukelele chords, so i thought someone was copying, transposing and reposting anonymously as well (the one that made me laugh a bit was that N.C. was transposed to N.A#. on one of my posts); but when i browsed through other artists i saw it was done with all the listed songs.

it's just a hassle having to filter through a bunch of duplicates. wish they could be retracted.
ruker is of course right, I didn't make it clear:

UG introduced the ukulele option at the beginning of June. Good move, basically: ukulele players and tabbers now have a possibility to access and discuss tabs that are created for their instrument specifically. People would submit tabs and so slowly the database would grow.

However: UG did not decide to let the ukulele department develop that way. In order to attract many people to the newly created database fast, UG misguidedly decided to furnish it from the start with as many tabs as possible. So they took chord sheets from the guitar department, simply relabeled them without any changes and added them as "ukulele" chord sheets.

Many contributors of the original guitar tabs protested against this stupid move and asked for these useless tabs to be removed. Instead of doing that, UG only disconnected the ukulele clones from the list of contributions of the original contributors which makes things even worse: The fake ukulele tabs are still there and no one can even edit them in order to make them at least playable for ukulele players (see the contributions in the threads - links below).

Whatever, this flood of "ukulele zombies" that nobody asked for and that is of no help for anybody, actually clogs the database. They are absolutely useless and you still have to filter through them in order to find the real thing. What a drag! I think, this is detrimental to the site's appeal and reputation. In its own interest, UG should delete the automatically created ukulele tabs.


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I think we all already knew about the ukelele release.

But yeah, I wasn't aware of UG duplicates. But I'm sure if the fuss continues they'll do something about it.

But on the other hand, deleting every last duplicate directly after going through the trouble to make soo many would not make them look any better. Both in terms of reputation and because I'm sure at least some of them are playable, arent they? I don't really know, I dont own a ukelele or even know how to read chords.

And being given the option to edit the actual ukelele tab may seem like a good idea, but most of the original contributors probably don't even own a ukelele, so they probably wouldn't even know how to edit it. And anyone else who does would probably rather submit their own.

Looking at it that way, I don't think they were given a whole lot of options. Not to say its right. They should've just let it grow in the first place.
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