I recently bought this amp (pics attached) from a friend who had this amp lying around and never played it. I was hoping that someone on here could give me some more info about this amp because from the people I have talked to I have heard different things about it. Mainly I would like to know if its a guitar or bass amp, but if anyone has any more info I would be happy to hear it.
obviously i googled it but i couldnt find out if it was a bass amp vs a guitar amp. A guy I know said it was a bass amp but always thought it was a guitar amp.
I think it's a guitar amp. But that doesn't mean much. Some of the old acoustic stuff is labelled weird. Like the 150 is a guitar amp while the 150b is a bass amp. They're the exact same circuit, but the 150 has reverb and tremolo. But the actual amp is identical.
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looks like you have a first generation 1971 Acoustic 135 guitar amplifier.

there is a page dedicated to the 135 in all it's incarnations.


def looks oriented for guitar playing with the 12" speakers, the open back design and the addition of reverb and tremelo in the circuit.
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