Hi all,

I built an AB box from scratch, and it works. But as I turn up the gain (after the AB-box), the 60hz hum becomes pretty annoying... (pretty sure it's 60hz)

My current build uses usual electrical wires (with lots of copper wires under the plastic insulation) and I grounded everything with a piece of metal (the chassis is not metal). It is already like the 5th version of the AB box where the hum is not as significant as before. Is there any definite way to eliminate the hum?

Should I use thinner wires inside the AB-box? or coaxial wires? (btw, the lighting does not seem to affect the signal too much)

Any help will be appreciated!
If youre getting the buzz after the AB box, you are introducing that noise into the signal at the AB box itself. It could be possible youve swapped the ground and hot leads off the input jacks.

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