I was listening to Local H's Here Comes The Zoo album and found out that Jerry Only from the Misfits made a guest appearance on one of the tracks. "Keep Your Girlfriend" isn't one of my favorites to begin with, and even with Jerry Only on it, it doesn't do much for the song itself.

Foo Fighter's "Dear Rosemary" had Bob Mould from Husker Du and that was a very well utilized guest musician, or when Bob & Doug McKenzie got Geddy Lee to sing their hit awesome song "Take Off." So what songs that have had guest musicians were good? What were bad? and all that stuff.
Steve Wilson's "The Raven That Refused to Sing" has some pretty good guest musicians if you can call them that. Guthrie Govan and Alan Parsons do some pretty cool lead work on it.
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Good: Most of any Gorillaz album, Under Pressure by Queen (w/Bowie), Someone Save My Life Tonight by Elton John (w/Teh Beegees), that Crystal Castles track (w/Robert Smith).

Bad: I dunno.

Most of the time that shit works out pretty well.
No Sleep Till Brooklyn by The Beastie Boys featured Kerry King

One of my favourite albums of all time, Hail Destroyer by The Cancer Bats, featured Wade Macneil (Alexisonfire) on Deathmarch, Ben Konwalewicz (Billy Talent) on Smiling Politely, and Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) on Harem of Scorpions.
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No Sleep Till Brooklyn by The Beastie Boys featured Kerry King

God dammit, I knew I was missing something!

And I've always felt like that song was the weird (but far superior) cousin to Beat It by Michael Jackson (w/Eddie Van Halen). I mean the song is clearly parodying so many other things (watch the music video, w/Penn and Teller), but the combination of artists always seemed like some weird parallel that would be expected of The Beastie Boys.

Speaking of The Beastie Boys working with other artists...


Probably the most bad ass moment in SNL history.
'Passenger' by Deftones (Maynard James Keenan guest vocals)
'By the River' by Vision of Disorder (Phil Anselmo guest vocals)
'Sky Pup' by Melvins (Kurt Cobain on guitar, also happened to do additional percusion on the first and last tracks of Houdini).

Atleast four good guest spots on Blood Mountain by Mastodon, the most notable would be Scott Kelly's vocals on 'Crystal Skull' and Josh Homme's vocals on 'Colony of Birchmen'

'Soon We'll Be Dead' by Leftöver Crack (a good few members from The World/Inferno Friendship Society jam with them on that track.)

Maybe all I've got? It'll do.
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Anything featuring Chino Moreno is godly. I'm not even really into Dance Gavin Dance but Chino's song with them is phenomenal

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'Passenger' by Deftones (Maynard James Keenan guest vocals)


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Especially in Michigan by Red Hot Chilli Peppers featuring Omar from Mars Volta was pretty good.
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'Cathedral Walls' by Swallow The Sun ft. Anette Olzon and 'The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here' by Katatonia ft. sile Wergeland.

Also, the Deconstruction album by Devin Townsend and pretty much anything he's done with Anneke van Giersbergen
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Technically the entirety of the first two Mars Volta albums feature guests, as Omar had Frusciante record the guitar for them so that Omar could focus on the production and direction of the albums.
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Good: Tobias Sammet's Avantasia. He brought on a load of guest musicians like Alice Cooper and Biff Byford for certain tracks. Sounds great.

Bad: Lou Reed and Metallica.

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nightwish stuff with troy donockley
daft punk tracks with nile rodgers
Half of Nick Cave's Murder Ballads has great guests.


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Bring The Noise - Anthrax (with Public Enemy as Guest). People say rap and rock/metal don't get along but I think this track proves it wrong.
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December Flower, Coerced Coexistence and Suburban Me by In Flames - All three songs have guest guitarists playing the main solo.

December Flower main solo was recorded by Fredrik Johansson, Coerced Coexistence main solo was recorded by Kee Marcello and Suburban Me main solo was recorded by Chris Amott.

Every solo adds to the overall quality of its respective song, and the songs were great to begin with.
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Roope Latvala did a great solo for Amon Amarth's Twilight of the Thunder God.
Dream Theater had a bunch of friends and other artists do a spoken word confession for the track Repentance, which was a pretty cool idea.
The Jeff Loomis, Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci and Wes Hauch guest solos on Periphery's albums are all fantastic.
Every single time Protest The Hero feature Jadea Kelly is incredible.

That's all I can really think of for now.
I listen to bluegrass and country and so everyone that is anyone plays on everyone else's albums. Like if you listen to an album by like Ricky Skaggs or whoever, there is usually an allstar lineup of guests playing solos everywhere.
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guest musicians are cheesy

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Iss a good thread idea.

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I knoq QOTSA have had a number of songs with guest musicians that are well liked.


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