Hey guys,

Need help buying my first electric guitar. I own an acoustic and am fairly regular at playing it. Thought I'd try my hand at an electric as well!

I am mostly into heavy metal, hard rock, punk and a little altern. I'd like help choosing from the 3 listed guitars, as I am new to electrics. Also, would it be a good idea to go for a trem? or a floyd rose? I wish to play metal riffs, and maybe "divebomb" as well.

My budget is a constraint, as I must keep the guitar within the $300-$350 mark. Any suggestions other than the listed models are also welcome.

Please suggest an appropriate processor($100-$150) and an amp($150-$200) for the same too..

Thank you.
Take any but , when number is higher means better quiality. Go with 270DX, i gotGRX70 and its okay for start as a strat mate
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Take any but , when number is higher means better quiality. Go with 270DX, i gotGRX70 and its okay for start as a strat mate

That is not how Ibanez guitars work whatsoever. The numbers represent the spec of the guitar, a bigger number is not necessarily better.

TS, it is a very bad idea to get a Floyd Rose trem on a guitar so cheap, since cheap tremolos are utter crap. Get a fixed bridge like an RGA42 or an RGR321 instead. They also possess the advantage of being far, far easier to downtune. Which is why a lot of metal players like them over floyds.
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The digits in the hundreds (and thousands for Prestige) relate to the specification of the guitar. Whilst a higher number indicates a better spec this isn't always the case. Anything that is a GRG is going to be roughly the same quality. The digits in the tens indicate the pickup layout and the digits in the units refer to whether it's a hardtail/tremolo/7 string etc...

As T00DEEPBLUE said, best to go for a hardtail or at least something that doesn't have a Floyd Rose as these are usually very poor on the El Cheapo guitars.
These guys are right, don't buy a cheap guitar with floyd rose, I have GRG270B and it has Edge III bridge which is crap, I blocked the bridge because it detuned my guitar all the time.
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I just bought a used '09 RG321MH.... Fixed bridge and plays like a dream.

How much did you pay for it? It would probably be the best if the TS would buy something similar used, it's not expensive and it's surely better than GIO.
Hey,thanx for replying.

I was interested in GRG170DX for the same reason, that it doesn't have a locking trem. As a beginner, I feel that I would be better off with a simple floating tremolo.

I was curious if the FAT10 bridge on the GRG170DX is any good though. I heard users facing a difficulty with keeping the guitar in tune. I wonder if it goes out of tune even with little or moderate tremolo use?

Also, would you recommend a floating trem, or should I go for a fixed bridge altogether?