Hey guys, this is 100% hypothetical but it's been bugging me for a little while now, so I figured I might as well find out the answer.

If someone has a Strat with a 21 fret neck, would it be possible to swap that out for a 22 fret neck? Like would it still fit normally or would you have to change the pickguard too to move the neck pickup back? And conversely, I guess, if someone had a Strat with a 22 fret neck would they be able to change the neck for one with 21 frets? I was just wondering since most Strats are 25.5" scale but some have 1 less fret, and I wasn't sure if that would affect anything on the body, like the neck pickup placement or something, or if that's just a difference in the number of frets that could be changed with a different neck without anything else on the guitar being affected.

Sorry if that didn't make much sense, I wasn't sure how to phrase it without it being rambling.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows, it's not of the highest priority or anything, I was just curious.
Yes, generally it will be fine. The 22nd fret on a Strat neck (a Fender or licensed repro that is, Mighty Mite, Warmoth etc) is simply an extension to the fret board.
Ah, ok. It's been bugging me for a while so I had to find out xD thanks
I've learned as well that if you're going to put an MIA Strat neck on a MIM Telecaster that you have to cut the pickguard. I did a lot of neck swapping in my day.