just a rough demo of a song. vocals need to be done. this is the guitar tracks with rough bass and drums to get a feel for how i want the song to go more or less for when i play drums and bass live with mics. kinda went for a derek trucks slide sound sort of. or as close as i can sound in standard. the slide part cuts out near the end because i messed up. i was just improvising for some ideas. anyways, thoughts, input C4C as well.

and for those interested, no pedals were used in this. i recorded the guitars binaurally which simulates how humans hear so what you are hearing is my fender great amp using the line out and Y cabled into two inputs on a fender excelsior (mic & accordion), plugged into a celestion 70/80 instead of the stock speaker which isn't as clear as the celestion or as loud. drums are me playing live midi drums on my keyboard and bass is direct with post eq.


oh yeah best played through headphones or stereo. no laptop speakers :P
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