I just found a used pair of Truths (looks like 2031A from the photos, 8 inch speaker) for about $200. I was looking at getting a pair of the 3030A (6 inch speaker) eventually, but will end up costing about $500.

I know 6 inch speakers would probably be ideal for my space, but it seems like a really good deal, just afraid that they might be too bassy at 8 inch speaker. I record rock, hard rock and some metal.

would it be that much of a difference, or should I just wait until I have enough saved up for the smaller set?
You don't normally need a sub unless you're making electronic music.
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If you don't have a sub then 8 inch is not too big.

6 inch will need a sub probably

Either way suggest you audition some alternatives, at $500 you have to be able to do better...

I disagree with literally everything you've said here.

OP, I use a set of 3030As at home and they're cracking little monitors. I've heard the 2030a and they seemed solid enough but I think the ribbon tweeter is a definite step up. Since you also don't want/need the larger woofers, I don't see it being worth the compromise; used Truths are fairly easy to come by.
at 500 bucks lok into equators. made by the same guy who used to make Events. theyre utterly fantastic.
unfortunately I live on Ontario, and all we have is Kijiji and I have been watching but have yet to see a set of 3030's within driving distance.

As for Equators, I was looking into them, and wanted a pair, but with recent price increase, I would be paying about the same after taxes, duties and shipping to Canada (I think it was $120 extra for shipping/duties and maybe the taxes). If anything went wrong with them, I would then be paying return shipping and who know what other hidden costs. At least with the Behringers I can return them locally if anything went wrong. Like the Equators, I have heard nothing bad about them, other than the name on them, which doesn't hold much weight, but the people that use them seem to love them.

Thanks Kyle62, I was kind of wondering if the ribbon tweeter made that much of a difference so I may just hold out for the 3030s then.
Not sure what point your trying to make but the bass content the sub produces isn't often needed for any other kind of music.

I mean yes, they have their use and I was being general, but I think that a sub is one of those things that you only need if you actively miss one, you dig?
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
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You realize Brandon Dury is probably one of the biggest dumbshits on the internet and one of the worst people to take recording advice from, right? If you dig through his articles, he will say one thing then a few months later, flip flop and write an article praising what he recently bashed. (See "Addictive Drummer performs Jihad on Virtual Drums" then a recent writeup on how Steven Slate Drums is the best on the market)

Though, like its been said, you don't need a sub for most genres. You'd be fine with the 2030As and the Truth line is one of the best budget monitor line on the market. I've been using the B3031As for about a year now and the difference they've made on my mixes is huge.
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For what it's worth, I picked up a pair of 3030A's for ~240AUD a couple of weeks ago

You won't need a sub with 6", you certainly won't want one if your room is untreated either. If your room is treated, and you record bass heavy music than you might maybe want a sub.
Really though, even than it's just a luxury, a decent pair of headphones will suffice in most instances (unless all you do is make dance bass lines or something lol)

Truths are fantastic monitors for the price, the cheapest monitor I'd probably recommend above truths is equators, followed by Yammi hs80's (hs50's were really bass light imo).

I don't have much experience with the 2031A's, but i tried out 2030A's and they were fairly solid. I think the 3030A's are a definite step up though.
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You don't normally need a sub unless you're making electronic music.

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Thanks for the help everyone, I think I will definitly hold out for the 3030As since everyone seems they are worth the extra, was just hoping to save some money (which wouldn't be saved, but put towards something else musical ).

I did email Equator, and they said if anything was wrong with the monitors, they would cover the cost of shipping back to them, but still just seems like a bit of a hassle, plus I think it came out to be $50 more for them, but they do seem like the best on the market, so who knwos, in another month I may change my mind again!
Speaking from experience, the Equators are AWESOME.
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Speaking from experience, the Equators are AWESOME.

Don't do that to me! I have been flipping back and forth for over 6 months, which is one of the reason I don't have monitors, I haven't really saved up any money until I can decide on which ones lol.