So I want an extra portable midi controller.

Budget: <150 euro's

Can buy online from Ebay if I can test it (Radius within 100km of Amsterdam)

-at least 2 octave range
-at least semi weighted/dynamic responsive keys
-at least 8 rotary knobs that are freely mappable (within ableton live 9)
-Must be class compliant
-Work Usb bus powered

- a few trigger pads (assignable freely through either drum plug-in or patches)
- Controls maybe designed with ease of use with ableton
- Master play/rewind/stop/record buttons (dedicated or mappable)

Not sure if optional:
- I think I'd want at least pitch bend, but I think I can get enough "skill" to use the rotary knob for this (mapped to pitch bend), but by all means share if knowing from experience if not.

(I'm guessing it's doable, cause I've seen various oldskool dj's use this for fast filter enveloping)

Also does a Ribbon Pitch bend goes back to default if you release it, if so does the release have a curve depending on the pitch value?

I've seen a few that fit the specs, but I wanna know of reliability and such through experience (dropping, failing knobs etc.)


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Boom! Done!

I have the LPK and it's built like a rock, extremely sturdy, and the keys are surprisingly responsive.

Edited with a link to one of the sites you use. I'm such an American sometimes haha
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