Hi all, I have a harmonica question...

I have been learning Steely Dan "Home at Last" recently - I just got engaged and we've moved in together - so aside from it being a great song in and of itself, it's very appropriate for where we are. :-)

This past year I started learning to play harmonica, and I want to play along with this song. Very tricky because it's more jazz than rock. I play it a half-step down from what's posted - instead of Gm7 I play it at F#m7 because it's closer to my vocal range, and because the other two main chords can be played without using bar chords (Dmaj7 and Amaj7 which I play xx0222 and x02120 respectively).

Can anyone suggest a harmonica type that would work with this F#m7 song? I own blues/rock C, D, G, and A, none really hit the right notes. Because this is more of a jazz song there may not be a perfect fit, but I'm not strong on music theory so I really don't know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jake
To find the right key harmonica to get the blues scale in a particular key, you need to go down a 5th. So if you want to get the pentatonic minor scale in F# you'd need a B harmonica, and start at the 3rd hole and let it rip from there. Alternatively, you could just go back up to G and use your C harmonica...

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With those options I would use the A harp.

+1 on Lee Oskars. Great harps.

This site is worth having a look at. You should be able to pick up a few tricks from there.
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