Hey guys, my old Vox wah pedal finally bit the bullet the a few months back (stopped working all together I had it for 7 years I'm not complaining) so I'm in the market for a new wah pedal. I personally didn't really like how the Vox wah sounded with gain and wanted to try something new. I'm looking for a nice wah pedal that sounds great with both clean and dirty tones (I don't use massive amounts of gain but it would be nice if it could handle it).

I'm going for a John Frusciante and David Gilmour kind of wah sound

I have no real limit cash wise, I'm willing to spend whatever I need to get a really nice quality wah pedal.
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I have a Dunlop 535Q, and I like it because I can dial in the wah setting to suit my mood:

I previously had a Zakk Wylde Wah, but I felt it had too much low range (I would always stay on the upper range of the wah).
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or if you want a little cheaper than the 535Q which is nice the 95Q is also sweet. I use the 95Q and love it. has the Q sweep pot and a volume boost as well. pretty sweet. and it's switchless!
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Well if you didn't already know, John uses an ibanez wh-10. I'm a huge Fruscainte fan myself and use the Wh-10v2, i have no trouble at all getting tones similar to him, and you can get some great growling tones when you throw on some fuzz or distortion. Only downside is that it sucks a bit of tone, still worth looking into though.