Is it just me or does anyone else really hate current rock music? When I talk about music with someone, and I mention I like rock and metal music. And they say "You too? What is your favorite band? Mine is (insert crappy modern rock/nu metal band)." I say Black Sabbath. They say "They suck." and I just look at them and say "They practically created the metal/heavy metal genre. If you like any metal band today, they all are influenced by some predecessor, just like Black Sabbath was influenced by the blues."
I don't care if you don't like them, you have to have some respect for the artists that innovated. I don't have much interest in the blues, but I do respect the blues artists for pretty much influencing every great rock band of the 20th century. This can apply to other bands in other genres. But seriously, what do you guys think?
I don't hate it - I'll listen to just about anything and not complain - but I know what you mean.

We seem to be at a point of stagnation in music right now - most bands just decide it'd be best to write songs with tried-and-true compositions and older-than-dinosaurs lyrics because they're what people listen to.

And so I choose to risk being called a hipster and listen to lesser-known stuff from bands who care more about the music than the paycheck (not that trying to make some money is a bad thing, of course - that'd be silly).
I know what you mean, there are a lot of kids these days with no respect for the pioneers... on the other hand... there is this annoying trend, at least here in Canada, where lots of bands want to sound exactly like stuff that came out 3 decades ago. I prefer when bands can find a good balance between the old and new.
Yeah, I get what you mean and it saddens me deeply that there are a lot of metalheads and hard-rockers (it's pretty much the same scene in most places) out there that reinforce stereotypes by being uneducated, narrow-minded idiots. I know that's kinda harsh and a bit too negative but sometimes one bad apple really spoils the whole bunch.
I actually don't think TS is right at all. It probably depends where you are, too, but I have met way more people in my life that only listen to old music, at least when it comes to rock. And if you meet someone who likes Nickelback or whatever I'm sure he also loves AC\DC and whatever else they play over the PA at walmart.
Listen. I'm sorry.
Yeah, I avoid a lot of modern rock. I am into instrumental Hardcore or "Djenty" kind of stuff but thats as far as Ill get for any modern music...well Im pretty big on Jazz Fusion stuff. But, Im mostly into 60s stuff and Jazz.
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