I used to run my chain as follows

Standard Telecaster --> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal -> Diamond Compressor --> BBE Sonic Stomp --> Strymon Timeline --> TC Hall Of Fame --> TS9 ---> OCD --> Big Muff --> Boss Rc3 ---> Twin Reverb

I knew most people put verb and delay after OD because it sounds neater and cleaner, but I just ran mine this way and liked it. Recently I've wanted to venture into sounds with more reverb and delay, so I moved my OD pedals so that they were before reverb and delay (the "proper" way) so that the delay and reverb cleaned up more, however -
I feel that my overdrive sounds harsher now, even with reverb and delay off, it sounds piercing. I don't know if it actually is harsher, or if I'm just convincing my self something is off because I moved stuff around. If I move slightly left/right, my OD sounds fine, if I'm centered infront of the amp, the treble is at it's worst/most piercing. I don't have a lot of treble dialed in on my amp/any of my pedals either.

Also, if I have my compressor and sonic stomp on in addition to reverb/delay and any OD, I get terrible feedback. If I have no compressor and stomp on but just OD and reverb/delay, it's not as bad. If I have my compressor and stomp on but no OD, there's none. Something about putting my OD pedals before reverb and delay have made my compressor and stomp feedback machines, and I don't know how to rectify it.
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IMO sonic maximizers aren't all that great, i had one for a while, i thought it sounded great, then i unplugged it, re EQ'd my rig and it was much nicer without it.

the sonic maximizers claim to do something, but IMO its like a two band EQ that just beefs up the bass and treble and the mids get lost.

you may like it, but mess around with it and without it. that is just my personal opinion.

for reference it was with first a valveking head and then a 6505+ head a long time ago, i hardly remember those amps at all now.
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