Alright, so i've been trying out a bunch of different picks lately and have found that (obviously) some are better suited for certain things and others better suited for other things. For example, I have a few light Dunlop Tortex picks which are really clear and help bring out the low end but just don't have enough on the midrange and high end side, my James Hetfield signature picks take care of the mid's and highs but sacrifice a little, not a lot, but a little low end but are still very clear and articulate. Now, i've been looking into trying something new and have been looking at V-picks cause I picked up a few while on a trip down to the States but the ones i was using were better suited (at least to me) for slower lead playing as opposed to shredding and had a certain warmness i liked but not a lot of attack. So, i've decided to order a few and try them out but im looking for diversity in the sense that i want some picks that are good for fast lead playing and others that are good for power chords and rhythm playing.

An additional question I have is, obviously these picks are made from a much different material than traditional picks and some are incredibly pointy and I was wondering what kind of toll they will take on your strings especially if you palm mute alot.

Any input is appreciated

The only quarrel I have with the V-Picks are that they are expensive and clear, which makes for one pissed off me if I lose one (which I've gone through quite a few). They are impossible to find. Other than that, they are fantastic.