Before you go thinking that I'm doing this myself, I'm sending this to a local amp tech to have it done, but I wanted to know if it was possible...

Here's the story; Something is wrong with my ENGL e530 that I can't figure out/fix, so I'm sending it to an amp tech. That's no big deal.

The "problem" that I want to be fixed through a mod is the clean/crunch channel. To my ears, the clean isn't very clean and the crunch isn't very crunchy without adjusting the pregain by quite a bit when I switch the channels. On the clean channel, I like to have the gain set at about 9 o'clock. Then, when I switch on the "Hi Gain" switch for the clean channel (AKA The crunch channel), I like to have the gain set fairly high; About 1-3 o'clock. I was wondering if there were any possible mods that an amp tech could do that would "even out" this difference so that I can get a cleaner tone with higher gain and a crunchier tone with lower gain. I've been using the "Lo Gain" feature of the "Lead" channel as a "Crunch" channel, but I want to be able to use all the channels, ya know?

Anyways, thanks, in advanced for any replies, and an eCookie for anyone that can tell me if it's possible or not.